Dane EK modułowego:
Sensor Technology
Efekt kształcenia:
Student is able to measure a given sensor's characteristics using instruments available in the laboratory, and then interpret it and verify it with the expected characteristics.
Powiązania z EKK:
  • ES1A_U01
    acquires information from literature, databases, and other sources; integrates information, perform their interpretation, draws conclusions, makes and justifies the reviews;
  • ES1A_U08
    does signal analyzes and implements simple signal processing algorisms in time and frequency domain, uses analog and digital techniques with hardware and software appropriate tools;
  • ES1A_U12
    has the ability to plan and do a simulation and measurements of electrical and optical equipment parameters; extracts the basic parameters characterizing the materials, elements, analog and digital electronics; produces results in a numerical and a graphic forms, draws appropriate conclusions;
  • ES1A_U14
    can design a process to test the elements of analog and digital electronic circuits and simple electronic systems, telecommunications and networks, network protocols, and — in the case of detection of mistakes — made their diagnosis;
  • ES1A_U18
    uses the catalogue and application notes in case of determining the relevant components for the designed system;
  • ES1A_U26
    applies the principles of safety and hygiene of work;