Module learning outcome data:
Applied Field Techniques in Economic Geology
Learning outcome:
Student is able to choose and use proper methods and techniques for exploration to mineral deposits.
Connections with FLO:
  • GG2A_U02
    Graduates are capable of individual or team work; they are able to evaluate time needed to complete a design or a research project, they are able to manage (also in a foreign language) a small working team in a manner ensuring task completion in due time
  • GG2A_U05
    Graduates are able to communicate fluently in English language also in the professional environment; are able to read and demonstrate comprehension of technical literature and to prepare and deliver short presentations summarizing the results of a design or a research project
  • GG2A_U07
    Graduates are able to design, organize and prepare specifications of a variety of geological projects
  • GG2A_U09
    Graduates are able to apply advanced research techniques and tools relevant for geological sciences and for practical issues, also using the computer software